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Mike Callander

Mike Callander is one of Australia’s most dynamic DJs and co-founder of Haul Music and School of Synthesis.
2012 debut album “Antarctica” saw its first single signed to Dave Seaman’s Renaissance mix, while the subsequent release of his 2013 remix album resulted in a signing to Phil K’s Darkbeat CD.

Since then Mike has been touring a live show and establishing the School of Synthesis, a music production learning facility co-founded with producer Davide Carbone. In 2015 Mike returned to the studio for releases with Power Station and Motorik, and in 2016 for the exciting Zero Percent collaboration. On stage Mike also now joins T-Rek and Honeysmack to form “Broken Acid Experiment”, an improvised live electronic-meets-rock band show. Mike continues to enjoy a loyal following and hectic DJ schedule, with long-term residencies at iconic clubs such as Revolver and formerly at Honkytonks. At the same time he regularly plays important international destinations such as Rex Club in Paris and Berlin’s Watergate. Mike is one of a select few Australian artists to have been named on In The Mix honour role, cementing his status as a legend in the Australian underground music scene.


"Something like a mixture of Rainbow Serpent, Glastonbury and Burning Man, there was so much happening at The Pleasure Garden."

– Beat Magazine Live Review

"The Pleasure Garden if you will indulge me, is like a trip through the wardrobe to Narnia or similarly down the rabbit hole to Wonderland..."

– Forte Magazine, Review of The Pleasure Garden, December 12th 2016

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