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Opiuo is a chief sufferer of intense musical addiction, spending every moment creating audible treats and selling out venues throughout the entire world. Carving an effortless pathway through countless genres and highlighting real instrumentation his music stamps an extremely enjoyable maturity onto electronic music.

Opiuo came to life in 2010 when his hit single ‘Robo Booty’ rocked the airwaves and his debut LP, ‘Slurp and Giggle’ was nominated for Best Independent Dance Album at the Jaegermeister Independent Music Awards. Follow up release ‘Meraki’ was awarded Best Electronic Album at the New Zealand Music Awards and his funky, playful bass driven music has continued to captivate dancefloors and airwaves.

He has been invited to play for some of the world’s biggest festivals, with sets at Coachella (USA), Glastonbury (UK) and Shambhala (Canada). As well as playing shows across India, Israel, Europe, North America, Australia and New Zealand, OPIUO has shared the stage with the likes of Moby, Pete Tong, Bassnectar, Pretty Lights, and Bonobo to name just a few. He has just released his 4th full length album Omniversal.

Live, Opiuo is an ever-evolving feast for the ears, and he puts on an incredible stage show that is guaranteed to rock!


"Something like a mixture of Rainbow Serpent, Glastonbury and Burning Man, there was so much happening at The Pleasure Garden."

– Beat Magazine Live Review

"The Pleasure Garden if you will indulge me, is like a trip through the wardrobe to Narnia or similarly down the rabbit hole to Wonderland..."

– Forte Magazine, Review of The Pleasure Garden, December 12th 2016

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