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Melbourne DJ Sunshine says her sets are all about ‘fun’. Earning her stripes in a myriad of different spaces around town, she’s created a sound that is truly her own. What gives her the edge is sheer versatility – you’re just as likely to hear bleeding-edge techno alongside tech house, house and disco all in the space of one beer. Hapno is the sound and it sure ain’t coming from anyone else.

Sunshine has clocked 14 years behind the decks with her weekly 5hr set at Revolver on Saturday mornings, a prestigious set in the grand scheme of things.

Apart from dominating the Melbourne club scene with her “Happy feel good” sets, Sunshine has also been focusing on production work and in 2013 released her first original track ‘Heartbreaker’ which became a house anthem and reached #9 in the Aria Club Charts, ‘The Only One’ peaked at #4 and her new track Twisted is currently killing it on the dance floor.

With gigs such as the Big Day Out and Stereosonic under her belt, the future seems bright for this talented spinner…


"Something like a mixture of Rainbow Serpent, Glastonbury and Burning Man, there was so much happening at The Pleasure Garden."

– Beat Magazine Live Review

"The Pleasure Garden if you will indulge me, is like a trip through the wardrobe to Narnia or similarly down the rabbit hole to Wonderland..."

– Forte Magazine, Review of The Pleasure Garden, December 12th 2016

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