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What can’t I bring?
  • Alcohol.
  • Illicit substances – any patrons detected in the possession of illegal substances within or around the vicinity of the event, will be removed or refused entry and referred to police.
  • Professional audio video recording devises.
  • BBQ‘s / Eskies / Selfie & Go Pro Sticks or Tripods.
  • Aluminum cans, glass / plastic bottles or metal / plastic containers.
  • Weapons, knives, scissors, laser pointers or any items deemed dangerous by security.
  • Promotional or advertising merchandise.
  • Pyrotechnics, fireworks, flares, highly flammable or explosive substances.

"Something like a mixture of Rainbow Serpent, Glastonbury and Burning Man, there was so much happening at The Pleasure Garden."

– Beat Magazine Live Review

"The Pleasure Garden if you will indulge me, is like a trip through the wardrobe to Narnia or similarly down the rabbit hole to Wonderland..."

– Forte Magazine, Review of The Pleasure Garden, December 12th 2016

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